For Quality Building, Extensions & Renovations In Cairns

Our vision statement is deliberately simple:


‘To be the ultimate at what we do!’


This simple and deliberate vision drives every single thing that we do – from our processes, our communications, our consistent challenge to make every single thing we do better to our relationships with our clients, our suppliers and our staff.  This vision impacts all our decisions and our considerations from our employee training programs to our Give Back initiatives both globally and locally.  Everything that we do echoes this simple vision.


Choosing a contractor to build your project can seem like a daunting task. We believe it should be an exciting experience. We also know that a successful experience is not just about the end result, it is about finding a company who not only has the full qualifications and professionalism to complete your project, on time and on budget, but can also work with integrity and commitment.


We design, we build, we excel.


At Omni Builders we want to ensure you have the perfect home for you.  A home that suits you and your family, without compromise and without breaking your budget.  A home you truly fall in love and that you and your family will always enjoy.


We do not design and build “cookie-cutter” houses.  Traditionally, clients looking to build a new home or renovation, would go to a project builder, get a standardised plan and then try to make a design fit their land, their life and their budget.


Or, if they wanted something more unique, they would go to an architect to get ideas and draw up a design, then find a builder to build it.


At Omni Builders you won’t get given a standardised plan and then asked if you would like to make a couple of changes.  Each home is design specifically for you and yours. The cost is the same as a cookie-cutter home, but the outcome is not comparable.  Our lead designer is also a builder and this synergy allows for very innovative and practical designs.


All our processes are aimed at giving you the maximum peace of mind and guiding you through the building process from start to finish, ensuring you are updated at each step.  We have a stringent quality assurance process for each and every one of our homes and we guarantee each of our homes are completed to the highest of building standards.


One of the largest complaints we hear in relation to building a new home is that there is never someone (who knows what is happening) to deal with problems or concerns.  Then when you phone the office, you get passed from the front reception to the wrong person, to the supervisor or tradie and no one really seems to know what is happening.


So, we implemented a process where the designer (who is also a builder) is the Dedicated Manager for an entire build. This has been one of our most strategic differences impacting our clients having peace of mind. From beginning to end, you will have one person and one person only who deals with your design and build. You will have the mobile number of the person who knows the design and the build including interior and landscaping finishes. Our site managers will also be on hand to help you along the way however your Dedicated Project Manager will be with you from start to finish and beyond.


Our commitment to you does not end when we hand over the keys to your beautiful new home.  Your homes is serviced by the Omni Builders Home Plan, where we will call you to arrange an inspection for both 3 months and then 1 year, after settlement.


We love what we do, and we can’t wait to make your dream home or renovation a reality.


No matter what size, style or budget, good design is absolutely, and without exception, the single most important aspect of having a truly wonderful space.  Add in a master builder and you have the “spectacular”.


“The alternative to good design is always bad design.

There is no such thing as no design” – Adam Judge


We can fully custom design everything from new homes, bathrooms, kitchens, renovations, to landscaping, patios, pools & interior design.


Our lead designer has a personal vision quest to destroy the cookie-cutter, mass produced homes that echo throughout some subdivisions.  Houses designed for the ultimate in cost cutting without consideration for the people who live in them.  Suburbs where no house is different or unique!


And whilst cost is always a consideration, most houses can be built for the same cost but in ways that allows individualism and personal expression. The same is almost true for luxury homes – they are often just bigger, wider more expensive boxes with a nicer façade.


Having lived and worked in Europe where the call for designer homes is tailored more for a personal statement than just “a bigger box” our lead designer can create a truly personalised and bespoke home and will help with all design considerations such as tiles, fixtures and fittings to get the perfect “feel”.


Omni Builders focuses on designing homes that embrace the humid, tropical lifestyle synonymous with living in sunny North Queensland.  Think wide patio areas, open plan living spaces, outside-in design for family nights and light airy bathrooms — we want you to come home from work and love the space you live in.


Out with the old and in with the new!


If you really love where you live but don’t love your existing home quite as much, a home renovation or extension is an ideal to solution to updating your current house and making it into a home you will really enjoy to come home to.


Perhaps you are looking to sell or need to give your investment property a boost in value?


For growing families, a home extension will create the much-needed extra living space. New baby on the way? Children or siblings moving back home?


Perhaps you want the extra space for yourself, as a relaxing retreat, a study or even a media room. Perhaps your current property has a clunky, closed-in layout and requires wall removal to alter the floor plan to result in more usable, practical and open living space?


A “curb appeal” renovation is a proven way of increasing the value of your home. Our home designer and our landscape designer can work with you to ensure a perfect feel to your entrance and gardens.


Whatever the reason you need additional space, at Omni Builders we can design and build the perfect extension or undertake any size renovations. With your budget in mind, our award-winning designers will create a layout that suits your home and lifestyle so you can get the exact “feel” you are looking for in your home.


Build on your existing land and create a space that you love to spend time in. Omni Builders is highly experienced at this type of construction. We’ll walk you through the process to help make your experience with us a positive one.


We also understand that living in your home during an extension process can be difficult, however we will work with you and always do our best to minimise disruption so you can get on with your day. And we will always strive to ensure that every task is completed with the minimum fuss and inconvenience as possible.


Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the major integrative parts of your home. They require both practical design and aesthetic design to be truly wonderful spaces.


At Omni Builders we can show you how to affordably renovate your bathroom and/or kitchen or create a full bespoke design. We can make your dream kitchen or bathroom come to life or complete a quick renovation in a rental property.


All alternatives are discussed with you to ensure you get the exact finishes and “feeling” that you are looking for and our award-winning designer will help with getting it perfect.


Please click on this link to see the Omni Builders Bathroom Brochure


After a hard day’s work, or come the weekend, nothing is more relaxing than firing up the BBQ and enjoying an ice-cold drink on your new patio.


Or perhaps you choose to cherish your short-lived solitude by leaving the kids inside or have your nearest and dearest over for a family dinner—any reason to kick back and enjoy the outdoors is good enough for us!


To discuss what features you’d like to include in your outdoor area, please don’t hesitate to speak to our design team who can work with you to transform your backyard from an empty green lot to a luxurious, outdoor living space.


We can design a stylish and practical layout to maximise your outdoor area. Choose an eye-catching design that will get your neighbours talking or a relaxed, casual look that will blend in with your home’s current interior/exterior.


If you’re building a patio, pergola, gazebo or veranda, you can rest easy knowing that Omni Builders will undertake all the necessary council applications and approvals.


An open-walled gazebo is still a leading design choice and is perfect for families wanting a place to relax during the long, hot summer days. Gazebos also create a charmingly picturesque dining area that’s perfect for any occasion. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or entertain your family and friends—and living in tropical North Queensland means you’ll be able to enjoy the space all year round.



Omni Builders is a trusted provider of insurance repairs throughout Cairns and surrounding areas.


We have a long and proven record of delivering expert guidance and technical expertise to insurance agencies and loss adjustors. Our multi-disciplinary team can provide causation reports, building consultancy services, project management, construction services as well as flood/fire restoration advice and insurance scopes. Regional and Cape areas can be included if required.


With over 90 years of building industry experience and specialist consultants Omni Builders can provide quick, cost efficient & practical solutions supported by factual and detailed reporting whilst finding practical & innovative solutions to problems.


Our consultancy services include

  • Building Damage & Causation Reports referencing AS and NCC Codes
  • Structural & Civil Engineering investigations
  • Waterproofing
  • Fire and Flood
  • Building Inspectors
  • Environmental and Energy
  • Hazardous – Mould, Asbestos and Sewerage
  • Forensic Building
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Dispute Resolution and Mediation
  • Building Defect
  • Plumbing & Electrical Causation/Reports


Omni Builders provides a maintenance and repair service for residential and commercial properties.


We have a highly experienced team that can provide quality building, maintenance and project management solutions for Body Corporate Managers and Committees.


We work alongside Body Corporate Managers and Committee Members to ensure the integrity of their investments and understand the unique requirements of committees and complexes and the concerns and expectations of multiple individual dwellings and/or tenancies.


Our team of experts can tailor innovative solutions to ensure competent use of budgets all the while ensuring peace of mind regarding Building Codes & Regulations.

Omni Builders is a “single touch point” responder to all commercial and residential strata building requirements. We can provide


Building & Pest Reports

  • Building Damage & Causation Reports referencing AS and NCC Codes
  • Structural & Civil Engineering investigations
  • Waterproofing
  • Fire and Flood
  • Building Inspectors
  • Environmental and Energy
  • Hazardous – Mould, Asbestos and Sewerage
  • Forensic Building
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Dispute Resolution and Mediation
  • Building Defect
  • Plumbing & Electrical Causation/Reports
  • Design & Drafting
  • Pool Safety & Compliance Reports
  • Building & Planning Approvals

We work with the guidelines for Strata and update all required parties consistently as to the progress and completion of any reporting or building works and comply with all WH&S regulations.


The icing on the cake!  The most beautiful builds are never complete without the perfect interior design.


At Omni Builders we do not subscribe to the “normal” or “fashionable”, but rather make an interior that suits the occupants perfectly whilst offering alternative choices and outcomes to ensure the exact “feel”.  Our designers can create any interior mood you can imagine.  Our lead designer has worked in Europe for many years and can create any interior you can imagine.


Whether you have just completed a new home with us, are changing the entire look and style of your home, want an internal garden, a modern update or just want to tone in and maintain a cohesive style for every room, our in-house design team is waiting for your call.


Your gardens are as important to your life as your home.  A great garden landscape is the most perfect of finishes to a home.  We can design low maintenance, structural modern gardens through to an English style garden.  Our team are full of wonderful ideas to ensure your gardens bring joy and style to your property and home.


Specialised landscape lighting, hardscaping, ponds, waterfalls, sculptures – we can do it all.