Who is Who on the Zoo - Architectural Designer & Builders in Cairns, QLD


And Oh What a wonderful Zoo it is! 😊 Full of Primates, Meerkats (think of that stunned look they get when something moves), nasty critters, creepy crawlies and a healthy smattering of sloths!

OK so that may be a little harsh!

So, we know contractors in the construction industry must be licensed for jobs over $3300.00.

But not all licences are created equal and you must check their qualifications AND their licence class.

Just because someone has a QBCC number does not mean they can do any or every job.

For example, a tiler cannot waterproof unless he has a waterproofing licence but is able to do tiling and vice versa.

A carpenter cannot build a house unless he has a builder’s licence.

Unless you are an owner builder, only registered and licences builders can build houses but not all builders can build all levels of houses/properties.
Check the qualification level before you begin or sign a contract and if you are unsure call the QBCC to confirm their licence covers the works they are going to do.

Below is a link to the licence search.