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Some of the biggest and most common issues we hear about are licencing and contracts.

Stories of dodgy tradesman who disappear in the middle of a job, suddenly don’t remember how to answer the phone, don’t have the mental capacity to call you back and even ask for cash payments before the work is done so they can buy the materials (Seriously! If someone says this just run away and run fast).

The only money that should ever be paid up front is the deposit which is 10% of the contracted price if under $20000.00 and 5% of the contracted price if it is over $20000.00

In Queensland ALL contractors MUST have a QBCC licence number.

A QBCC licence means they have a trade and as you need years of experience in the relevant building industry to get one.

This does not include handymen. Handymen are great and do not need a QBCC licence, but they NEED to be insured. If they are not, be very careful. A story I know from many years ago (not mine) included a gas pipe left on and leaking by a handyman (a mate of the owner) in a small unit and a cigarette lighter used by the owner when he come home 7 hours later. Everyone was fine but you can see how the insurance might not see it as their responsibility and not cover the damage unless the handyman was fully insured and doing work he was experienced and insured to do.

If you use trades without the necessary qualifications and licencing and something goes wrong in the future (your bathroom leaks and floods your house) your household insurance may also be negated.

So, to recap, all trades and builders doing works over $3300.00 must have a QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licence number which can be checked on the QBCC website.

All licence classes are listed against the contractors, builders etc. this number ensures they have the basic level of knowledge to complete your work.

Exceptions to the $3300.00 rule are for Plumbing and/or Drainage, Gas Fitting, Termite Management which has no lower limit exemption. A full list can be found on the QBCC website.

For my money I prefer someone has a licence number any way – even for jobs under the $3300.00 threshold – a bad job is a bad job either way and my Italian heritage believes money is money and it better be for a good job…lol

On a different note all together – I think I know some of the guys who were inspiration for the cartoon characters in the header!😃